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How can you tell if your current practice is the right one for your life journey? 

Deep Embodiment  ·   Moving Meditation ·   Energy Work

Discover the game changing element in your practice that will move you into the next level of growth and expansion

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Are you a lively spirit  woman and curiosity is your driving force?


Do you feel a deep longing for something that you may not even have the words to describe?

Do you have an ongoing desire to learn and grow? Is there a deeper calling to connect with your body?

Have you done a lot of yoga and meditation, but you are not getting the benefits you were hoping for?


You’ve always wanted to make a difference. But somehow you’re not making it for yourself. 


Wholeheartedly you give your best, and it really hurts that your longing is still unfulfilled. You’ve hit a wall.


What if you have been distracting yourself from connecting with yourself ?


I am here to initiate a change from the most accessible part of you – your body. My work is a passionate love letter to it!


Because being fully embodied leaves us with healthy boundaries, connected, soft and open-hearted.


In other words: able to feel life.

The 4 Elements of Embodied Living 

Each element is an embodiment practice that has different energetic qualities and therefore different ways of using and cultivating your life force energy. 


With open awareness we will explore, move, play, let go, unfold and awaken. Key to our success is Embodied Feminine Flow - my sensual movement art. 


Instead of overwhelming you with too much change, we will find the missing element in your current practice that will create a positive ripple effect in your life to expand beyond your present limitations.


The practice is intentional, deliberate and focused - always balanced between challenging you and finding your sweet spot.

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Tune into your core

Focus your attention

Declutter your mind


Allow raw feelings

Hold, accept and love all emotions

Express yourself through movement


 Set Boundaries 

Communicate your feelings 

Stay true to yourself


 Move from go to flow

Slow down to feel more

Nourish yourself through pleasure

Embodied  Feminine  Flow

Nourish with sensual movement, curiosity & playfulness

Imagine a movement practice which really makes a difference in how you feel in your body and mind. A practice that feels very natural to you. You feel calm, energized and truly beautiful in your skin. You enjoy a feeling of ease from head to toe.


This is EMBODIED FEMININE FLOW, my playful and sensual movement practice, created for you to feel more feminine and alive in your skin, as well as increasing overall happiness in only a few minutes of practice a day.

It is intentionally created for the purpose of healing and releasing emotional charge from the body.

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Breathe · Move · Feel 

Enjoy · Unfold · Rewrite · Repeat 


I have worked 1:1 with Mia over a longer period of time and the insights during these sessions blow my mind every time. Even though I thought I knew myself pretty well, I had many realizations and insights into where I was heading in the wrong direction.

Mia gave me practical tools to implement immediately and easily into my daily life - less talk, more action. Most importantly, working with someone who has transformed her own life makes the companionship authentic and relatable. I highly recommend working with Mia!

Gitty, Designer 

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I had my usual Monday morning session with Mia. Somehow over the weekend this feeling of being overwhelmed by the tasks that were waiting for me during the upcoming week had built up.


All of my projects, to-dos, and deliveries suddenly seemed to have such a high priority, that all of them should be done at once. I felt the water was rising above me, and I was going to drown in work sooner rather than later.


At the beginning of the session, I suddenly realized, the only way out was to call in sick and thus escape all the burden. Once the idea manifested itself, I felt relief and was able to work the session with all my attention.

At the end of the session, I felt energized and ready to face the world. However, instead of calling in sick, I had tapped into unknown resource and completed all tasks one by one. 

Birgit, Professor

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Meet Mia 

Hi  Beautiful!


I am Caren Maria Gödecke, call me Mia.


I'm a German girl, wild woman, lipstick lover, wisdom seeker, free spirit and passionate aunt. I value simplicity, gentleness, self-expression and collaboration.


More than a decade ago, I started out as a personal trainer, yoga teacher and movement educator. During the last five years, guided by my intuition and lived experience, I gradually transformed into an Embodiment Teacher, Energy Worker and Body Intuitive, guiding soulful, conscious women into the depths and abundance of their bodies.


So that they live in harmony with their feminine nature and in synchronization with the power of the earth to bring their unique gifts and potential into tangible experience. 


I have always been very curious about life and hungry for new experiences,  opportunities and thorough understanding about our bodies and minds. Since my childhood I have been claircognitiant – the gift of receiving information without knowing where it comes from.


This way I received and collected many of the key elements and pieces of what is now called "The Art of Embodied Living“.


It grew through love and insight and years of dedicated, intense exploration and is inspired by many years of movement practice and teaching. 


Over the last years, during hundreds of face-to-face movement sessions, I have witnessed many women getting in touch with themselves deeply and employing practical steps to positively impact in their lives.


If you are German like me – I'm happy to teach you in my native language! 


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