I help you to renew  yourself by changing the way you move

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You have a burning desire and a clear vision of the woman that you would like to become? But you are always too busy to slow down? You tend to live in your mind?
Oftentimes, you are not even
aware of your body?
Welcome - you are in the
right place to get the support you need!  

 I'm Mia, Female Embodiment Guide & Movement Teacher, and I am here to initiate change from the most accessible part of you – YOUR BODY.


After years of personal development, yoga and other spiritual practices, you are not getting the transformation you’re craving for? You give your best, but somehow you don't crack the code?

I fined-tuned my craft of reading humans through the way they move, so I can clearly see where you block your potential and authentic expression.


This way I will help you become aware of your unconscious habits around moving, thinking, and feeling that get you stuck  and are stopping you to move forward.

Through conscious movement and body awareness practices, I help you to *move* into an empowered, confident, and authentic version of yourself.

Ready to fiercely take action and embody the extraordinary woman that you are?

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What if there’s still a deeper connection to your body to be made?

Embodied  Feminine  Flow

 Our foundational somatic movement practice to recharge, nourish and empower you!

Imagine a movement practice which instantly makes a difference in how you feel in your body and mind.

A practice that feels very natural to you.

You feel calm, energized and truly beautiful in your skin. You enjoy a feeling of ease from head to toe.


This is the feeling of EMBODIED FEMININE FLOW, our playful and sensual practice, created for you to feel more feminine and alive in your skin, as well as increasing overall well-being in only a few minutes of practice a day.

It is intentionally created for the purpose of deepening your body awareness and expanding your consciousness through movement. 

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It is through your body that you realize you are a spark of divinity

B.K.S. Iyengar



I have worked 1:1 with Mia over a longer period of time and the insights during these sessions blow my mind every time. Even though I thought I knew myself pretty well, I had many realizations and insights into where I was heading in the wrong direction.

Mia gave me practical tools to implement immediately and easily into my daily life - less talk, more action. Most importantly, working with someone who has transformed her own life makes the mentorship authentic and relatable. I highly recommend working with Mia!

Gitty, Designer 

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I had my usual Monday morning session with Mia. Somehow over the weekend this feeling of being overwhelmed by the tasks that were waiting for me during the upcoming week had built up.


All of my projects, to-dos, and deliveries suddenly seemed to have such a high priority, that all of them should be done at once. I felt the water was rising above me, and I was going to drown in work sooner rather than later.


At the beginning of the session, I suddenly realized, the only way out was to call in sick and thus escape all the burden. Once the idea manifested itself, I felt relief and was able to work the session with all my attention.

At the end of the session, I felt energized and ready to face the world. However, instead of calling in sick, I had tapped into unknown resource and completed all tasks one by one. 

Birgit, Professor

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Meet Mia 

Beautiful Woman!

I am a German girl, wild woman, lipstick lover, wisdom seeker, free spirit and minimalist. I value simplicity, gentleness, self-expression, and collaboration.

More than a decade ago, I started out as a personal trainer, yoga teacher and movement educator. I was giving thousands of 1:1 sessions to clients and teaching hundreds of fitness professionals in my education courses.

"The Art of Embodied Living" is my passionate love letter to the body and was born from love and insight, five
years of dedicated, intense research and inspired by many years of
teaching movement.
I distilled a unique blend of
Embodiment, Energy Work and Movement practices.

I love supporting women who, like me, have the desire to be fully in their power and arrive back home in their bodies.



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