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 Immerse In Your Body

Free yourself & aim for personal growth by dissolving limitations through my 1:1 conscious movement sessions. I help you to expand your body awareness & liberate your expression so that you enjoy deeper connections, more pleasure, and better sex!


I'm Mia, Embodiment Coach & Movement Teacher.

After teaching movement for over 15 years to thousands of people and mastering my craft of reading humans through the way they move and have a profound understanding of how we humans function.

I’m your personal bullshit detector, and I can give you a key to unlocking a direct and unique way to realize yourself and explore what is truly beneficial for you.

I do this by deepening your body connection and enhancing your awareness about what’s YOU, what moves you, and how to express yourself authentically—verbal and non-verbal.

If you are a driven and ambitious human, I’m absolutely thrilled to work with you.

Let's get to know each other. BTW, I speak German too!


What if there’s still a deeper connection to your body to be made?

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Are you unapologetically YOU?  

Private Offerings

 1:1  Offerings


Move, feel and look younger!

Join me when you seek more. Stop overthinking and a racing monkey mind, and feel the company of yourself by activating your body.

We will enhance your life experience through the lens of movement and  play with your body language, freeing your expression & aligning your posture in your every day life and beyond the mat.

Our 1:1 Program for everyBody



Our 1:1 Program for Women

Your femininity is as unique as your sexuality. Let’s free your sexual expression to release social conditioning, and embrace yourself as a raw sexual being.

I guide you into awakening your body through sexual energy and having the deepest relationship with your sexuality and body.

We aim for personal growth through sexual liberation and PLEASURE.

 What you get working with me

Stop overriding  your body’s needs

Feel your boundaries and learn how a clear yes and no in your body feels, to make more authentic and reliable choices based on what feels good for you!

Find a creative solution to current problems, i.ex. relational conflicts, struggle to stay true to yourself, and finish a project without pushing yourself


Learn powerful tools for a greater understanding of your nervous system to alter your experience—more energized, relaxed, upright, or feeling lighter


Draw out an inner knowledge or intelligence that no amount of reading and thinking could ever give you

Feel energized, uplifted, powerful and beauYOUtiful!

Increase your pleasure and sensuality


You want  a like-minded curious support on eye-level


You are longing to  fully own your body


You are willing to be uncomfortable and do things that you aren't good at yet.

You are willing to grow and commit yourself to a daily practice

You want to play, have fun and better sex!!


Gitty, Designer 

I have worked 1:1 with Mia over a longer period of time, and the insights during these sessions blow my mind every time. Even though I thought I knew myself pretty well, I had many realizations and insights into where I was heading in the wrong direction.

Mia gave me practical tools to implement immediately and easily into my daily life—less talk, more action. Simply by being in her grounded presence, I've learned so much! Every second with her was  a great inspiration to go deeper and deeper into my body.

I highly recommend working with Mia!

I had a Monday morning session with Mia. Somehow over the weekend, this feeling of being overwhelmed by the tasks that were waiting for me during the upcoming week had built up.


All of my projects, to-dos, and deliveries suddenly seemed to have such a high priority, that all of them should be done at once. I felt I was going to drown in work sooner rather than later. At the end of the session, I felt energized and ready to face the world. I had tapped into unknown resource and completed all tasks one by one. 

Birgit, Professor

Jasmin Jess

Ayurveda & Mindfulness Coach

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