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You've done a lot of...

Yoga & Meditation

but not getting the benefits you hoped for?

What is the art of embodied feminine flow?

A feminine way of Embodiment, Intuitive Movement, Yoga, Mindfulness & Fascial Release.

A playful & sensual feminine movement & coaching practice, specially created for women to feel more feminine and alive in their skin, as well as increasing overall happiness.

A practice to embrace feminine qualities like intuition, sensuality, creativity & connection, designed for women with busy schedules

Embodied Feminine Flow is about developing a body that moves well, that is healthy, balanced and free of pain. It will teach you how to align your body & mind in a way that you'll be able to move through life with more ease

We’ll bring simplicity into your self-care to create habits that you really love and help you take this practice with you into your daily life.

Move in a way that makes you happy in many different ways....

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Classes, Events & 1:1 sessions

Out of your head into your heart & body 

Let's talk BENEFITS 

release tension & stress

△ gain relaxation through a balanced nervous system

△ deeper connection & relationship  to your body 

△ increase your movement quality to avoid injury

△ feel a greater sense of pleasure & well-being 

△ make better choices with the help of your body's wisdom

△ overcome difficult emotions with ease 

△ feel empowered as woman 

Online Group Classes

1:1 Package

Live Events


De-stress & Refresh with Embodied Feminine Flow

Discover the magic of a quick and at the same time deeply nurturing and pleasurable way of moving.

This sequence will get your blood flowing and relax you from head to toe

You will instantly feel lighter & more sensually alive.

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What is different about

the art of embodied feminine flow ?

It's beyond exercise!

No pain, no gain is not true!

At least not for a women’s body. Why?

Because it doesn't serve our system. We don’t have to suffer through working out in order to be fit and healthy.

Embodied Feminine Flow teaches you how to move in a way that feels and does good.

Within a loving and warm space, we combine movement and unique self-expression to guide you into alignment and flow.

Through this sensual movement, you will become more in touch with your bodies mental and emotional states.

Unlike typical workouts we are not overwhelming or stressing the body through multiple exercises to ‘fix’ a problem.

Instead, we are encouraging and embracing harmony and joy through this creative practice. 

You can apply this technique to anything you want.

To your current movement practice, daily life or as new habit of self-care.


Don’t worry – you will still sweat! But while strengthening and increasing your body’s flexibility, balance and agility in a ‘feminine’ healthy way.


I am sure with this new awareness you will be inspired to move more and be more playful throughout the day.


 Adding more pleasure in your daily life.

What my clients say

I have to admit -I  LOVE Mia's movement practice.

For the first time in my life I deeply enjoy moving.

It is so much fun, it feels so good and there is no hard working out.

Like she says, "The way you move reflects how your body looks"

Leona, IT Manager

My posture is more upright, I move with more ease and grace and my back pain went away.

People keep telling me I somehow look younger

Dana, Entrepreneur

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Welcome Beautiful!

I’m thrilled that you are here. Ready to move with me?


My name is Mia — I'm a Movement, Yoga & Feminine Embodiment Teacher & Creatress of The Art of Embodied Feminine Flow.


For many women the missing link to feeling more fulfilled and happy is to be more in touch with their body and feminine nature.  There often unconsciously craving this connection, with no idea of what’s actually missing.

I’ve been there.

Growing up I didn’t like my body and had low self-esteem. Pretty early I got into working out, healthy nutrition and mindset work, deeply longing to change myself for the better. 


Many years later — unfulfilled from traditional workouts & yoga practices, I created my own feminine one — something that I haven’t found anywhere else.


This practice was life changing for me. A catalyst for a new loving relationship with myself. Today I'm really happy in my skin — healthy, vibrant, agile and completely pain free — even better than in my mid twenties.


I'm deeply in love with Embodied Feminine Flow, it's my personal go-to tool to connect and expand myself every day.

Book your classes on the go!

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