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I love..
nature, dancing, music, red lipstick, essential oils, 
matcha, singing bowls, candles, rainbows, water, beaches, books & de-cluttering.


My values..

simplicity, gentleness, freedom, self-expression, authenticity, creativity, collaboration, community, sovereignty, empathy, kindness, accountability

Hi Beautiful !


I'm Mia, creatress of The Art of Embodied Feminine Flow - a passionate love letter to the body.

I have been a personal trainer for 10 years and felt that I wanted to

move much more freely, sensually and in a more feminine way from what I had learned from the well-known concepts of the fitness and yoga scene.


Through an intense moment of awakening, I was full of clarity on what was missing from my current practice and what it means for me to live in harmony with my feminine nature.

Out of curiosity, this experience led me to engage more in my body’s natural expression. Using creative, free-flowing and playful movements, I discovered that my body has an organic and nourishing way of aligning and expressing itself.

Following years of intense research and dedication to my body lead to the creation of *The Art of Embodied Feminine Flow* which combines free flowing and intuitive movement with techniques to increase quality of movement and alignment in the body. 

A fusion of the most effective techniques from my work as a personal trainer, my experience working with 100's of clients & trainers on better movement quality, as well as the intuitive guidance of my female body intelligence - my most important teacher.

My 'Why'

Although I had an intensive movement background – through my Embodied Feminine Flow practice I became more and more aware of how I was disconnected from my body for most of my life.


And I realized how disconnected most women are.


Most of them don’t know how to allow their purest feminine essence to flow through them, move them & inspire them.

I followed my intuition and allowed the wisdom of my body to teach and guide me. 

I deeply felt what helped me to change my relationship to me, has the power to help other women too. 


So I found my life's calling, guiding women towards their inner freedom through the power of movement

and the flow of feelings through their body.

Small Bio

  • Licensed Personal Trainer since 2008

  • Education Instructor for TRX Suspension Training since 2013

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher 200h since 2017

  • Systemic solution-oriented Coach since 2014

  • Holistic nutritionist since 2012

  • Animal Flow Instructor since 2016


My career as a personal trainer has given me the professional knowledge and tools to work with the body's anatomy. With my skills, I can detect imbalances, traumas and misalignments in the body. I teach the necessary tools and methods to help people return to their natural state of alignment.


I immersed myself in studies around

energy medicine, neuroscience, trauma work, embodiment, body-mind-centering, polyvagal theory,

dance therapy, breathwork & psychology. As well as years of intense self-practice of movement research and Embodiment

What my clients say

Mia is amazing! I loved my session with her. I felt so calm and grounded afterwards. You should try it.

Nadyne, Embodiment Coach

What I love the most about this practice is its profound simplicity. Mia has shown me how to find a little peace and freedom in the chaos of my busy life and overactive mind. 

I now better understand  how to ‘let go’ and connect with a place of calm. 

Lena, Business Owner



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