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What is Embodiment? 

It is the story you tell the world through YOUR BODY.  Your body is a transmitter!

 Your embodiment is what you communicate with and without words.

It's your unique combination of your body language, movement, posture, communication, facial expression, and tone of your voice.

It’s the way your body is shaped by all of your habits and experiences.  

Your Embodiment is how YOU use all of the above when you interact with the world inside and outside of you!

You are the embodiment of your unique energy, your personality, your habits, life experience, your practical abilities, and your education. It is influenced by the people in your life, your culture, and where you live.


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Let's Go Deeper

Every thought, feeling, situation, or encounter has a certain neuromuscular expression in your body. 

A bodily response to what is happening in every moment of your life.

You see—Embodiment is a highly active process that you are already doing, to some degree, every minute of your life.

The question is HOW consciously AWARE of YOUR embodiment are you?

Are you listening to the language of your body when you need to make choices? 

Do you regularly check in on how you feel?

Do you navigate through the world by using your feelings too?

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Why should you care about Embodiment ?

Being more embodied will help you make better choices because you are acting from a place of all of YOU.


At the core, life is about awareness, movement, communication, and choices.

Our choices define our life!

Every minute you choose. Consciously and unconsciously. Even if you don’t choose—you choose!

What's your choice in how you want to feel, be and life?

The only place where you can make good choices for yourself is now!  Your body brings you into the now!
With practice, you can clearly feel the way your body is saying  Hell Yes… Yes… No… No, No… and Hmm, Maybe!  

It’s that simple!

 Your body is THE place where you truly feel alive!


We believe that life is more fulfilling and enjoyable when we are living close to our bones.

In our experiences, life becomes easier. More real.
More alive. More clear.

Because we practice becoming a master in relating to ourselves in relationship to the world around us.  

We are at home in ourselves.
No matter where we are and with whom.
We are HOME.



How I work

I want to go DEEP with you!

Changing your embodiment means you change how you are in this world!   

We are using the body and going into the practice of your desired new Embodiment.
I will help to change your embodiment by changing the way you move.


Neuroscience proves only by thinking and talking about things, humans won't create long-lasting and permanent change. We need to sit really deep in our nervous system to create that change.

Willpower is great, but we need to combine it with taking action to create change.

I will guide you through somatic movement and body awareness practices.

We will identify unconscious negative behavior and make it visible and noticeable to you.

I will teach you how to practice our core movement practice—Embodied Feminine Flow, where we consciously evoke the stream of your sexual energy through the whole body.

I will give you a flexible framework that supports you in staying present in your body in your daily life.

So how do you want to be?


Book your 30-min free trial session and tell me.

Let’s have fun and play together.

Our Four Elements of Embodied Living 

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Each element is an embodiment practice that has different energetic qualities and therefore different ways of using and cultivating your life force energy. 


With open awareness we will explore, move, play, let go, unfold and awaken. Key to our success is Embodied Feminine Flow—our sensual movement art. 


Instead of overwhelming you with too much change, we will find the missing element in your current practice that will create a positive ripple effect in your life to expand beyond your current limitations.


The practice is a dance between challenging you and finding your SWEET SPOT.


Tune into your core

Focus your attention

Declutter your mind


Allow raw feelings

Hold, accept and love all emotions

Express yourself through movement


 Set Boundaries 

Communicate your feelings 

Stay true to yourself


 Move from go to flow

Slow down to feel more

Nourish yourself through pleasure

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