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Meet Mia 

Hey You!

I am a German wild woman, lipstick lover, consciousness seeker, free spirit and minimalist. I value simplicity, gentleness, self-expression, and collaboration.


The Art of Embodied Living is my passionate love letter to the human body. I started as a personal trainer, yoga teacher, and movement educator more than a decade ago.


After giving thousands of 1:1 sessions to clients and teaching hundreds of fitness professionals in my education courses, I distilled a unique blend of Embodiment, Movement, and Energy Cultivating  practices.


I have an extended practice background in Conscious Dance & Movement  like Ecstatic Dance, Gaga, Feldenkrais and Taoist Sexual Energy Cultivating Practice.

I love supporting curious and driven women who, like me, have the desire to be fully in their power and to be unapologetically  themselves. 


After many years of mindful movement practice and exploring my own body through a wide variety of approaches, I realized that there was still a deeper connection to be made – I had just scratched the surface.


I’ve realized that my weakest spot was my ability to authentically relate to myself when I’m relating to others. Many times I have sacrificed the connection to myself to belong to others, even if it was not beneficial for me.

This clarity hit me in one of the most challenging times in my life: After a heartbreaking relationship and a crisis in my personal life. I also was frustrated by spiritual practices – I had tried so hard and nothing really changed as I wanted.


Looking back, I see that I wasn't aware enough of my body and its responses to the world around me.

But I had these moments of deep connection.

I found out that this felt, visceral, sensual experience of my own body in stillness and in movement and that  I was so in love with actually has a name:



That was the beginning of...

The Art of Embodied Living


 A radical shift in the way I perceived life through deepening the awareness of my  nervous system and learning to change my own state


 A radical shift in the way I related to myself through an ongoing grounding into my body within most of my daily activities


A radical shift in the way I used my mind by focusing on the things that were in alignment with my energy and the bigger picture of my life

I decided to make three shifts

My Embodiment  Journey

I committed myself to step into a new way of being and went on a mission to deliberately practice embodying my theoretical knowledge more fully and bring it into lived experience. 

This was my kickoff to accelerate my awareness until this day. Every day I grow and develop myself. This is my nature.  I love it and never get tired of it. There is so much to explore and to experience.

So if you are a consciousness seeker, I'm here to support you with all the best practices, techniques, and strategies I have, and to facilitate and teach you how to deepen and change your embodiment.

But my biggest asset in supporting you is my enhanced awareness—just being in my presence will change yours!


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