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Meet Mia 

I'm Mia, the visionary behind Embodied Human, dedicated to revolutionizing our relationship with our bodies in today's digital age. My journey is a tapestry of experiences, starting from my roots as a personal trainer, yoga teacher, and movement educator over a decade ago.

My journey also delves into the realms of Conscious Dance and movement, including practices like Ecstatic Dance, Gaga, Feldenkrais, and Taoist Energy Cultivation.

I am a German woman, lipstick lover, consciousness seeker, free spirit and minimalist. I value simplicity, gentleness, self-expression, and collaboration.

After delivering thousands of personalized sessions and educating numerous fitness professionals, I've curated a unique fusion of Embodiment, Movement, and practices aimed at unlocking human potential.

Embodied human is my passionate love letter to the human body.

Rediscover Your Essence! Embodied Human is a journey of self-discovery and authenticity, a testament to the incredible potential within us. In a world often distracted by technology, we stand for mindful tech use and conscious living.

Our mission is to harmonize modern life with your body's wisdom, empowering you to thrive. We believe in the transformative power of movement and embodiment.

Embodied Human transcends physical movement; it's about embracing your essence and nurturing a harmonious bond with your body. Together, we craft a new narrative where well-being and authenticity are your everyday reality.

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