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 Emotional Embodiment 

Feel, allow and express emotions safely and fully

Is this you?

Analytical thinking is your superpower, you are a straight forward and smart woman.

However, at times you get stuck in your head instead of allowing your feelings to move through you.

You feel more comfortable when things are under control. Because unpredictable situations knock you off balance.

Emotional Embodiment is perfect for learning to surf your emotional waves and ride them more skillfully! It's about allowing all feelings in and expressing them through movement.


My Practice...

Will allow you to express your emotional energy in a centered, positive, and healthy way.

Will make strong emotions feel less overwhelming - you might in fact start enjoying them as a part of feeling more fully alive.


Will help you to feel more and ponder less.

Will support you in exploring the relationship between your feelings and your body posture.

Will show you how intense emotions like anger feel very pleasurable if they are moving freely without an attachment to a story through the body.

3 Pillars of the Practice

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Ask yourself

How would life be, if I could allow any feeling to naturally be there in all its intensity?

Ready to explore?

Take 5 minutes to sense into your body, feel what comes up and journal about it.  

Get a taste

Sit or stand and let your spine hunch.

Say out loud: "I am so happy. This is the best day of my life."

Relax and return to a neutral position.

Now pick up your chest and smile.

Say out loud: "I am so depressed. This is the worst day of my life."


Did you notice how the words and the postures didn’t fit together?

Now pick up your chest and say: "I am happy.“

How does that feel?

Isn’t it interesting how your feelings are influenced by your posture?

If you haven’t done my quiz yet - find out which embodiment practice is the right one for you now.


Take the next step

Work with me...

Start your journey and join one of my mentorship programs.

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