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 Ground In Your Body

Move, feel and look younger
A customized 1:1 program that is UNIQUE as you are

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How would your reality look like if you recognize your body as your best friend and guide?

Supporting you through its deep knowing. Navigating you through life. Making choices based on what feels good.

But how do you treat this friend?

Often times we sit on top of the body and just give commands from above. We are trained to rationalize our way through life, but we can’t rationalize our body’s needs away, right?

The relationship with your body is essential to your well-being. Speed up your awareness and stop being on autopilot of your habits and stories through continuous interaction with your body. I will teach you HOW!  You will feel strong, and energized with a sense of – I can handle anything!  

You have no time? No problem – my practice is straightforward and intentionally created for busy schedules.

Let's get to know each other! BTW, I speak German too.

Let's make a deep connection to your body

What we will do together

Weekly 1:1 private online sessions – that focus on conscious movement,  embodiment coaching and ancient Taoist practices *


Voice message-based accountability check in's between weekly sessions

Personalized mindfulness & somatic tool for your own powerful embodiment practice  

Pre-recorded somatic meditations for your daily practice

*minimum 4 weeks commitment,  up to as long as you want  my support


Awareness is like the sun.
When it shines on things, they are transformed.

Thich Nhat Hanh

 What you get working with me

You will be more active than you are now!
 You will be more in tune and feel better in your body

You will enhance your body awareness and be more aware of your posture in your daily life


You will respond better to your own needs and notice stress, anxiety, and tension more quickly

You will improve your Movement Quality and reduce pain and optimize your health. You will be more powerful, agile and move as one powerful system of muscles instead of a series of disconnected individual segments

You will improve your brain function and mental clarity, and increase the release of neurotransmitters like serotonin and endorphins


You will be more resilient, self-aware, coordinated, and balanced

You will increase the flow of  sexual energy  through your whole body


What I experienced with Mia was a gentle yet persistent navigation and support for being more present and more embodied.

Using her own body as a guide — a kind of deep resonance empathy — she helps locate that behavior pattern or belief that isn't serving you, and to reveal some kind of helpful reference point to anchor a solution that will help you to go forward.

So, whether you have a business or personal issue, Mia can assist you in getting through that next obstacle and in up-leveling your situation.

Bansi Buckley
Founder of

I had clear thoughts and strong feelings about a project I wanted to work on, and I was asking her to help me get it done.

Mia is intuitive and energy-sensitive, so she was able to detect where I needed attention. The coolest thing happened when she ‘knew’ that my body needed to be in on the conversation I was having with mind and heart.  While we worked, I could feel my fingers tingling with energy. It was easy, gentle, and effective. I have no doubt I will be successful in the next few days and the procrastinating will be conquered.

 Donna Walser

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