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The Initiation Journey

A six-week sacred journey where I guide you to utilize your body as No.1 guide in your life.

Expect deep clearing work with channeled rituals using movement as a transformational tool for healing and growth.


4x  1:1 Transmission Session, à 75 minutes


1 channeled  meditation or movement practice

 follow-up voice messages to support you in between

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I teach in German and English!

The Deepening Journey

 A 4-month sacred journey where I guide you to utilize your body as No.1 guide in your life.

This option is perfect if you like to dig in deeper with me. I help you anchor on your soul-aligned path through deep embodiment work.

By releasing the past out of your body, you’ll embody your unique you!

12x  1:1 Transmission Session, à 75 minutes

2x channeled individual meditation or movement practice

 follow-up voice messages to support you in between

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I teach in German and English!



You like the idea of a like-minded curious guide on eye-level


You are thrilled about the idea of fully owning your body.


You are willing to change and commit yourself to a daily practice.


You long to finally slow down your monkey mind and surrender into your body.



Jasmin Jess - Ayurveda & Mindfulness Coach



Video in German!

Befriending your body; feeling at home and safe in your skin


Developing greater sensory awareness that help you listen to the whispering of your body.


Draw out an inner knowledge or intelligence that no amount of reading and thinking could ever do. 


Learn powerful tools for a greater understanding of your nervous system to alter your experience - more energized, more calm, more confident 


Release tension blocks in your body and enjoy a more upright and lighter feeling


Uncover your blindspots regarding unconscious patterns that keep you disconnected from yourself.


Establish new body-positive behavior 


Find a creative solution to current problems, i.ex. relational conflicts, struggle to stay true to yourself, finishing a project without pushing yourself 


Enjoy a big difference in the speed, ease, and depth in that your transformation can take place for you.




I know real transformation only happens when we are deeply rooted in our body and connected to the earth.

After many years of mindful movement practice and exploring my own body through a wide variety of approaches, I realized that there was still a deeper connection to be made - I had just scratched the surface.


 Knowing my potential and my gifts was great, but unless I started to fully embody them, they wouldn't unfold their power.


This clarity hit me in one of the most challenging times in my life:

After a heartbreaking relationship and a crisis in my business. I was frustrated by spiritual practices – I had tried so hard and nothing really changed.


Looking back, I see how I kept on going astray because my energy wasn't grounded enough in my body.


I decided to make three changes

 A radical shift in the way I perceived life through re-calibrating my nervous system.


 A radical shift in the way I related to myself through an ongoing grounding into my body within most of my daily activities


A radical shift in the way I used my mind by focusing on the things that were in alignment with my energy and the bigger picture of my life

I committed myself to stepping into a new way of being and went on a mission to contemplate deeply about how to embody my theoretical knowledge more fully and bring it into lived experience. 


After many months I reached clarity, clear boundaries, inner peace and true sense of harmony with life. Inside my body I felt abundant, nurtured, free and at home.

There was no reason to look for fulfillment anywhere else, but deeper in my body and in connection with the earth. I was finally there.


Through this journey I had an extraordinary companion by my side. In a space of no judgement and with a deep connection to source, we met every week. She validated me in my inner knowing and did not impose her truth on me. Her care and presence was deeply transformative for me.


In that same way, I am here for you now. I will be your guide on your journey into yourself, supporting you to enlighten your body.

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