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and truthful choices.
One of the major problems that we can avoid with more awareness is ‘losing’ our real self in chasing a mirage. AND It’s not just about “more awareness” its about the choices we make through our awareness.

We believe all problems originate from a lack of awareness

We look at life through the lens of movement – everything is a dance for us!

Awareness is the first step. The next step is to take aligned action = movement.
Movement expresses and creates who we are. The way we move shows the way we live. Our unconscious way of moving affects how we feel and think most of the time. We create more choices in how WE WANT to think, feel and BE, if we move more consciously.

We know a better quality and awareness of your movement

– moving efficiently, fluidly, and powerfully –

will enhance our life on all levels 

We know movement can liberate you

which means BEING YOU unapologetically.

We seek to accelerate new awareness for you

because this creates new opportunities to take action in a meaningful and intentional way and will support you in creating the professional and personal life you desire

We always start with deepening your body connection

We know your body speaks & shows your truth and express what’s happening in your inner and outer world.

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