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Embodiment Series for women who are frustrated by the results of their spiritual practices

This is a 3-part series where I'll give you some context about your struggle and share one of my core practices with you that is called *Centered presence*

Video 1

Why you are not getting the transformation you’ve been craving for

While reading this, you probably live a conscious life. You know shit tons of information about personal development, spirituality, and manifesting your dream life. You might practice yoga and meditation.

Yet you feel something is missing?

Maybe you feel stuck in the same emotional rollercoaster?

Then this video is for you

! I’m sharing my observations from being a Moment teacher for over 15 years and watching thousands of people moving and teaching spiritual leaders about deep embodiment.

Video 2

Centered Presence—A Guided somatic practice to ground deeper into your body.

My fundamental practice! In this video, I guide you through a 15-minute deep grounding & centering practice that brings your awareness down and in your body, helps you to consciously release tension, and be in touch with your aliveness.

I invite you to go as deep as possible to feel the innate magic of your living body. The magic that is innately within us every second of our lives. So you feel how nourishing it is if you pay full attention to your body.

Video 3

Practice *Centered Presence* in your everyday life to master yourself

Final Video in the Series.

Let's bring *Centered Practice* off the meditation cushion and on the road.

It's crucial to practice with your eyes open in the turmoil of your daily life AND then maintain your center—no matter what! This real Self Mastery.

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