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Feeling Stressed and Disconnected? Try This Morning Grounding Practice

There’s no doubt that an overthinking modern lifestyle creates stress and tension in the body. Women with busy lives try to do five things at once and seem to always be pushing themselves to do more. Being in this chronic, overactive-mind state leads us to lose touch with our bodies and to be unbalanced in our feminine and masculine energies. In order to release tension and come back into balance, we must get out of our heads and into our bodies

I discovered how disconnected from my body I had become through my past fitness training.

A sensual and playful movement ritual in the morning has now become integral to my daily practice. Each morning I start with movement that feels pleasurable for my body and spirit. I nourish myself through fluid movement. It doesn’t necessarily need to look spectacular, it only matters that it feels good!

I undulate my spine or unfurl my hips, and instead of only moving the muscles and joints, I move from the inside of my body out. It was a revelation—focusing on how movement made me feel, honing all my attention on my body’s sensations to connect to while moving—and it completely transformed my relationship to my body.

Because of my personal transformation, I created a nourishing practice to support women on reconnecting with their bodies. In my work, I’ve discovered that women who have trouble expressing difficult emotions find it easier to convey, work through and transform their emotions with movement.


This practice will help you release tension in your body and increase emotional awareness.

It will help calm the nervous system and lead to a clearer mind, and you’ll be better able to handle your life’s stressors.

In addition, you’re likely to feel a boost of energy, a sense of inner peace, and an enhanced feeling of self-love.

Through this practice you will immediately connect to your feminine essence, and this will help you feel more ease and pleasure.

When you regularly connect with your feminine energy, you can expect to:

· Enjoy a deeper sense of purpose and belonging

· Feel more at home in your own skin

· Cultivate your feminine essence and feel more alive

· Have a deeper connection to your heart

· Discover more pleasure in your body by connecting to sensations

· Have more energy and be able to maintain it throughout the day

· Access subtle wisdom within you

· Feel your personal boundaries clearer in your body

· Increase hormonal balance

· Have more orientation of the inner landscape of your body

· Be more authentic and playful

· Have a go to practice for getting back to a calm state if something knocks you off centre during your day


The feminine can’t be rushed

Find your own rhythm, which is crucial to the practice. And try not to make it something you “have” to do; it should be fun, something you look forward to and enjoy, so find the movements that inspire pleasure and feelings of being nourished. It’s about balancing the masculine and the feminine energies by enhancing the feminine.


The Practice

It’s a combination of movement, meditation and healing.

As you move through this practice, consider some of these questions:

What sensations do I notice?

Where do I feel most alive in my body?

Where do I feel less aliveness?

Where do I find pleasure in my body while moving?

What is nourishing me?

How can I let go?

What kind of movement makes me feel more feminine?


1. Intention

Start with an intention for the practice, such as the wish to connect deeper with your female body or wanting to release some heaviness in your body. Give yourself the permission to be more sensual and to look for pleasure.

2. In a body position that feels best to you, tune in to your body.

Feel the contact with the floor.

· Sense your feet, hands, head, then your whole body

· Sense into your womb, heart and breasts

· Bring your awareness to your breath

· Notice how you feel in the moment

· Notice your thoughts

· Notice the physical sensations both outside and inside

3. Ground

Sit or sink into your body. Your body is an empty form; fill it with your presence.

4. Micro-movements to unwind the nervous system

· Sense your body when it’s still

· Start by feeling where movement is already happening in your body, such as the expansion of your belly as you breathe

· Allow the movement to happen naturally, starting with subtle body movements that cannot be easily seen by the human eye

· Don’t rush to bigger movements, let them arise organically from the inside—maybe start by moving an ankle or shoulders

· Allow the body to lead the practice—don’t try to control the movements

· Be a curious observer


· Slowly shift to bigger and bigger movements

Let this practice be different each day, in terms of length and body movements. Allow the movements to happen naturally, like a stone you throw in the water and the outer circles get bigger and bigger. This is the process. Macro-movements, in the end, will feel effortless. The movements will arise deep from the inside of your body—like reflexes—and will unfold into bigger movements through your arms and legs.


Throughout the practice, be aware of your breath. The breath connects the body and mind, so imagine breathing with your whole body—inhale what’s alive in you, exhale to let go of tension.

This is not a choreographed dance. There is no sequence to this practice. The movement is uniquely yours. Do not press the body into a shape but allow what wants to express itself from the inside to the outside.

Lastly, consider creating a playlist that inspires you to move, that you will look forward to each day. Here is one of my playlist for you.

Please reach out if you need help with this practice or if you curious about my offer and would like to know more, you can book your Discovery Call here


About the author

Feminine Embodiment, Self-Care for busy women
Mia Gödecke

Mia is a Feminine Embodiment Coach, Movement & Yoga Teacher and the Creatress of The Art of Embodied Feminine Flow. An intuitive movement art for awakening consciousness and femininity through the body and through movement.

As facilitator of Embodied Feminine Flow, Mia leads 1:1 & Group Sessions, Workshops, Group Programs. Both Online & live. She’s deeply passionate about living life from her feminine nature and sees our true nature, our essence as living fully in our human bodies.


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