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MEDITATE WITH ME ON AURA—get your 30 days free premium subscription here

Do you know Aura?

It's the no. 1 mindfulness app that helps its, premium subscribers, to build the most personalized well-being routine.

Featured on: The New York Times, Forbes, The Oprah Magazine, Women’s & Men’s Health, and more.

Most self-care apps provide one-size-fits-all libraries of generic meditation tracks that don't work for you.

Aura gives you personalized recommendations for meditations and other guided practices based on your interest and needs.

So I was very excited when Aura approached me to become a vetted Content Creator for them. It felt like a knighthood.

As a native german to be selected to share my meditations (all in English) on an American premium platform. 😇

So you can find a library of my body-based meditations on Aura that isn't published anywhere else!!

And you get the chance to enjoy 30 days of Aura's premium subscription with my special guest pass. Usually, it's only 7 days trial. Most popular are my Sleep Meditation. 😁

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