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The Embodiment Quiz

Which female embodiment practice do you need?

Your quiz result matches you with one of our four core embodiment practices!

Each practice is simple but powerful and will draw your attention to your blind spots to realize the parts of yourself that were hidden for years, maybe decades.

All practices are created to help you embody the unlived aspects of yourself that make you y(ou)nique.

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Tune into your core

Focus your attention

Declutter your mind


Allow raw feelings

Hold, accept and love all emotions

Express yourself through movement


 Set Boundaries 

Communicate your feelings 

Stay true to yourself


 Move from go to flow

Slow down to feel more

Nourish yourself through pleasure

 Each quiz result is an embodiment practice

 Your body is THE place for creating CHANGE

Each quiz result is an embodiment practice that has different energetic qualities and therefore different ways of using and cultivating your life force energy. 


With open awareness, we will explore, move, play, let go, unfold and awaken. Key to our success is Embodied Feminine Flow – our sensual movement art. 


Instead of overwhelming you with too much change, we will find the missing element in your current practice that will create a positive ripple effect in your life to expand you beyond your present ways of being.


The practice is intentional, deliberate, and focused – always balanced between challenging you and finding your sweet spot.

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Let's find out which female embodiment practice you need! 

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