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 Re-de-Fine Your Femininity

A customized 1:1 program that is UNIQUE as you are


Femininity and Sexuality are diverse and versatile, like YOU!

After digging deep into the topic of Femininity:

I can tell you—there is more to it than what most popular concepts tell us. So, I will open up the space to  explore your femininity and sexuality in your way.


Let me show you how to deepen the connection to your inner being and awakening your body through sexual energy. 

I will get you out of your head and into releasing unconscious muscle tension in your body that blocks your sexual & feminine energy—all through sensual awareness and fluid somatic movement.

If you are a driven and ambitious woman, I’m absolutely thrilled to work with you.

Let's get to know each other. BTW, I speak  German too!

How would your life feel like if you
liberate your sex life?

What we will do together

Weekly 1:1 private online sessions – that focus on conscious movement,  embodiment coaching and ancient Taoist sexual alchemy practices *


Voice message-based accountability check in's between weekly sessions

Personalized mindfulness & somatic tool for your own powerful embodiment practice  

Pre-recorded somatic meditations for your daily practice

*minimum 4 weeks commitment,  up to as long as you want  my support



Sex energy is the creative energy of all geniuses.

There never has been, and never will be a great leader, builder or artist lacking in the driving force of sex

Napoleon Hill

 What you get working with me

Increased flow of your sexual energy through your whole body 


Take the lead for your own pleasure and show your partner/s how to pleasure you better


Learn how to use your sexual energy for your business  success

Look younger —your face will be smoother & brighten up!

Sexual energy suppression leads to a tight and unhappy face


Instead of rigid and mechanical in your movement –especially around  your pelvis – get softer, more feminine, fluid and SEXY.


Release pelvic floor issues, back pain, chronic stress and balance your  Hormones

Learn to process emotions in a gentle yet effective way

Enhance your health, vitality, creativity, joy, and libido

Initiation to Ancient Taoist female sexual energy practices, i.ex. Jade Egg, Breast Massage & Microcosmic Orbit

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Our core practice Embodied Feminine flow

It’s a sensual movement practice, that opens up the body from the vagina and use the flow of sexual energy to evoke waves of movement through the body. The practice is a core element of our 1:1 session and part of your personal homework. I will show how to practice on your own.

This has absolutely transformed my life.
Even with many years of yoga and meditation, I've never felt a practice that wove together my body, mind, and sexual energy. Simple, gentle, and powerful. I’ve learned to trust my body and to liberate my sex life. Now, I treat my body as my temple!

Lena, HR Manager

It was everything I didn’t know I needed!
I have worked 1:1 with Mia over a longer period, and the insights during these sessions blow my mind every time. Mia has a powerful ability to hold space that immediately puts me at ease. Her soothing, warm nature & openness made me feel safe and confident at the same time. After every session, I feel restored & relaxed. I have an abundance of sexual energy and the best sex of my life with amazing partners.


Anna, Business Coach

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