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Is this you?

Create inspiring and thriving relationships and maintain healthy boundaries

 Relational Embodiment 

You are a genuine and loving person, you have done a lot of inner work already.


Yoga, meditation and self-reflection through journaling are a part of your self-care routine.

These practices are mostly internally focused, so it's time to take these skills into the external world to strengthen the relationship with your work, family and friends.

Relational Embodiment is all about setting healthy boundaries, communicating your feelings while staying true to yourself in relation with others.


My Practice...

Will create a safe space for you to try new things, to identify your personal limits of  what you can tolerate and to notice what makes you feel uncomfortable

Will help you to practice how to stay true to yourself through felt experience of your body.

Will support you in exploring your needs and values in relationship with others – even if
you are triggered

Will help  you to slow down, find inner calmness, and respond instead of react.

3 Pillars of the Practice

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Ask yourself
How would my life be different if I clearly communicate what I need and want?

Ready to explore?

Take 5 minutes to sense into your body, feel what comes up and journal about it.  

Get a taste

Start in a sitting position. Close your eyes and tune into your body by feeling your spine. Move from the base of your spine all the way up and back down again. If you can’t feel your vertebrae, visualize them. Repeat a few times until you get a good sense of your spine.

Now open your eyes and go back to your life.
Try to keep one eye on the connection to your spine and maintain it as long as possible. If you lose it, come right back to it.


And that is actually the practice:

Come back. Center. Lose. Repeat.

If you haven’t done my quiz yet - find out which embodiment practice is the right one for you now.


Take the next step

Work with me...

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