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Hello you…

Thank you for being here and taking my personal invitation for my pre-recording meditation.

This *Creative Flow Activation*

…is my gift for you because I love your vibe and what you bring into this world.

I know you are already great in what you are doing, but if you are like me you still seek to be more in tune and in flow while sharing your message, don’t you?

Here you can listen to my guided activation  - use it as a short pre-recording ritual.

Creative Flow Activation – German Version Mia Goedecke
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The idea for this guided activation was born when I was interviewed for a podcast and guided my interviewer through a process of tuning deeply into her energy, to ground into her body, get out of her analytic mind and eventually tap into a  higher state of consciousness so that she felt something was speaking through her..Because she loved it so much and immediately felt the benefits, later she asked me if I would record this body activation for her so that she can use it whenever she hits the recording button.

Which female embodiment practice do you need?

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Get matched to a simple, but powerful embodiment practice that draw your attention to your blind spots. Gain clarity on your path and stay centered in emotional unstable times.

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